The usage skill of self drilling screws


In recent years, with the continuous aggravation of environmental pollution and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, the stainless steel 410 drilling screws are gradually accepted and applied by the domestic industry, more widely used in the construction engineering installation, the demand is rising, and it is likely to be used to replace the galvanized screws.

The drilling screw is a new invention in recent years. It is also called self tapping screw. Screws are the general term for fasteners. The tail of the drilling screw is pointed tail, which does not need auxiliary processing. It can drill and lock directly on the setting materials and foundation materials, thus greatly saving the construction time. The stainless steel 410 drilling screw is the fruit of the constant technological innovation and efforts in recent years in China. Because of its considerable plasticity, excellent heat treatment performance and good hardness, the stainless steel 410 has been popular and widely used in Europe and America as early as the 1970s-1980s. In order to fully make up for the lack of rust proof effect of sus410 material, we can provide surface treatment such as Dacromet and mecali, and provide customers with diversified needs. However, for the common screws, the pull-out force and maintenance force are very high, and they will not loosen for a long time after combination. It is easy to use the safety drilling power wire to complete the operation at one time, and to use the safety drilling and tapping power wire to complete the operation at one time.

Our country many specialized production stainless steel drill tail screw's company, take each kind of fastener and the hardware spare parts system product as the leading market. Among them, 316 drilling screws have strong competitiveness in the industry.

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