• 1.Selection of dry wall screws

    "Drywall screws" are widely used in our life.We use a lot of them when decorating.So we need to buy a lot.But we should also pay attention to a few points when buying.

    Note 1: pay attention to the selection of models. Drywall screws company provides a lot of product models, but only products that meet our requirements are the best choice. It is recommended to choose according to our own needs. There are many different types of products on the official website of Tianjin Xiangyi Fasterners Co.,LTD.

    Note 2: comparison of overall price. Of course, to buy in bulk or to low-cost products as the first choice, drywall nail companies will give some wholesalers preferential prices, it is recommended to first compare each other's offers, and then choose a suitable company. The comparison of the overall price should also pay attention to the quality of the product. Cost performance is the most important aspect we need to pay attention to. Only products with high cost performance are our best choice.

    Note 3: signing an agreement is the key. Regular drywall screws companies will directly sign contracts with us. After all, the amount of one-off capital investment is also large, so we should pay special attention to the content of the contract. It is suggested that we first negotiate the price with the other party, then determine the content of the contract, and finally sign it. This is also a very critical point, which can protect the interests of both sides.

  • 2.What is quick thread screw?

    In fact, the quick thread screw is the dry wall screw we use. It is mainly used in wood, aluminum plate and other materials. In many cases, they use electric tools to make the screw quickly penetrate into the material. The effect they use is very good.

    "Drywall screws" can fix some wood together well, and the effect of using them is also very good. Some furniture in our house is fixed with them, and the effect of using them is good.

  • 3.What is the suitable application of coil nails?

    The direction of the use of roll nails is relatively extensive, and the amount of use is also very large, mainly used in the furniture industry.

    Roll nail is a kind of tool instead of round nail. It is mainly used in construction, decoration etc. It has no nail head and no nail mark after driving. It is suitable for advanced decoration industry. The production of various furniture, especially wooden ones, is also in constant use. The decoration industry is used for ceilings, thin plates, etc. The wooden box industry is used for outer thin plates, cement and steel nails, which are similar to round nails in appearance, slightly thicker in head, suitable for soft and hard wood, bamboo devices, ordinary plastics, earth walls, renovated furniture, packing wooden boxes, etc. There are many places used for coil nails.

    Their main thing is that they are traceless after use, so people like to use them now, which is very important in our life.

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